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Coronavirus has been one of the most difficult business crises in decades. This epidemic has forced hundreds of businesses to close, or otherwise completely re-think their business structure. We don’t know how the changes that are currently happening will affect the future of business. But we do know that lessons are being learned every day as the nation adjusts to a new normal. Here are just a few of the most important lessons learned in the past year.


Be Realistic, But Be Positive

One of the most important tools in any business owner’s toolbelt is a positive attitude and outlook. Now, don’t mistake a positive attitude for a foolish or naive viewpoint. Being positive means always looking for ways to improve and further your success, as well as mitigate failures. This is as much skill and practice as it is an innate mindset. 

Look Ahead, But Prepare for Anything

It’s been long discussed how no-one could reasonably predict a massive disease crisis. This is fair, but even from the early days of the pandemic, we could have prepared better. Many businesses made predictions of the course that COVID-19 would take, but many were proven wrong. Their success or failure is entirely dependant on how they prepared for the worst.

Communication is Key

Communication is one of the most important business skills individually and as a group. Being able to communicate quickly and effectively is a major deciding factor in the successful pivoting of business practices. Communication is also key to the success of individual mental health and wellbeing. Be open and honest with your workers and you’ll be able to develop a far more loyal and committed set of employees.

Be Proactive

Regardless of how successful you think your business will be in weathering the storm of the pandemic, you want to be in a position to move quickly. Don’t hesitate to make changes that streamline and safeguard your business’s future functions – cut costs early, push for flexibility in your business structure, and always be on the lookout for innovation


There is no way to guarantee a successful outcome when faced with a crisis. Your business success depends on a massive number of factors, including those well outside of your control. But for the things that you can control, these 4 are the most important aspects of your work to focus on for continued and ever-greater success.