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Alex Simpson


Based in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, Alex Simpson is a talented professional with extensive experience in the real estate industry. Through his career in real estate and construction, Alex wants to help people by building houses in Papua New Guinea at a reasonable price so that people who have previously been unable to afford a home can buy one. 

As Construction Manager and Managing Director at BCPM Limited, Alex Simpson has a multi-faceted role that sees him responsible for staff training, business development, cost control for each project, and project management for all jobs from concept to completion to see that the highest construction standards are all met while meeting the client’s goals. He also manages the team at BCPM of 50 subcontractors and 120 employees and is responsible for staff training as well. 

BCPM Limited is a property development company operating both in Papua New Guinea and Australia, where their record of success speaks for itself. Committed to ensuring quality and value alike for their partners and the end buyer, the team at BCPM is there for every step of the process, from the acquisition of land and subdivision all the way through to the design, marketing, and construction of the project. Their goal is to deliver high quality Australian standard construction projects that will be offered to the consumer for an affordable cost, with a skilled and talented team whose experience translates into innovative solutions to help clients reach their desired outcome while remaining within budget. 

BCPM Limited operates broadly within the construction industry, developing projects with their signature quality craftsmanship that range from commercial buildings to exclusive multi-dwelling residential estates. The team has local contacts, knowledge, and professional experience to ensure quick planning and approvals.

Throughout his career, Alex Simpson has amassed a considerable amount of experience in real estate and business at large. Prior to joining the team at BCPM, he served as the Construction and Development Manager for Berkeley Constructions. His most notable achievements in the role include three projects, valued at 22 million dollars, 200 million dollars, and five million dollars. Before his role with Berkeley Constructions, Alex was Country Manager for SKS Developments Limited, prior to which he was the Managing Director of SimCorp Developments. Alex began his career at Blue Ridge Developments, working as a Project Manager, after earning his certificates in Scaffolding, Concreting, and Building Construction Technology from TAFE NSW.

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